A proud sponsor of Chicago City of Learning, Best Buy is offering CCOL youth 2 ways to WIN BIG as a school and individually. They challenge you to discover the possibilities and opportunities that technology holds!

Winners will be announced at Destination: Chicago Winter Break on January 24 at Jones College Prep.

Two Ways to win

1. Geek Squad School Visit

All you have to do is claim your account using your CPS ID Number, and your school could win a Geek Squad Academy experience.

The students of the elementary school and high school with the highest percentage of registered Chicago City of Learning accounts can become Junior Agents as they undergo hands-on learning and fun with robotics, digital music and photography, film production and computer programming!

If you have already registered, then you have already helped. Please ask your friends to sign up too.

2) Tech Prizes

Complete the age appropriate playlist of six activities, and be entered into a drawing for iPads and laptops donated by Best Buy! Fuel your interest in gaming, music, reading, photography, computers, graphic design, and more as you participate online with ease from home, school or your local library. Remix Chicago, unleash the power of music, go #OneonOne with Dwyane Wade, show your school pride, embark upon a web quest and make some digital moves with Scratch or Angry Birds!

Select the Best Buy Challenge Playlist by the grade you are in now to get started. Play to win!

For teachers

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